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chronic temporal lobe epilepsy: biopsy hippocampus

129 human hippocampus samples



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Preclinical toxicological assessment in animal models


expression profiling of responsiveness to infliximab...

The PBMCs were isolated from venous blood by Ficoll-Hypaque and total RNAs were extracted, measured at 260 nm and frozen at -80°C until further used. An internal, arbitrary standard was made of a mixture of total RNAs from PBMCs taken from 3 healthy donors. The oligodT-primed poly(A) mRNAs were labelled with [α33P]dCTP as previously described [Coulouarn et al 2004], and the resulting, labelled cDNAs were immediately used for hybridization. Our array covering 12,000 cDNA probes for 10,000 non-...


expression profiling of rheumatoid arthritis patient...

In total 42 patients were treated with anti-TNF. RNA was isoloated from white blood cells and anti-TNF responders (n=18) were compared to nonresponders (n=24) regarding expression profiles


whole brains from nicotinic acetylcholine receptor s...

The experimental groups included six wild-type mice and five beta4-/- mice. All mice were 6-9 weeks old. Total RNA was extracted from whole brain tissue of the mice.