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Screening of ~5500 FDA-approved drugs and clinical candidates for anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity


Characteristic DNA methylation profiles in periphera...

Peripheral blood was collected from adults with eosinophilic asthma (EA; n=21), paucigranulocytic asthma (PGA; n=22), neutrophilic asthma (NA; n=9), and healthy controls (n =10). Blood monocytes were isolated using ficoll density gradient and immuno-magnetic cell separation. Bisulfite converted genomic DNA was hybridised to Illumina Infinium Methylation27 arrays, and analysed for differential methylation using R/Bioconductor packages


Childhood Atopic Asthma

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Circulating Mononuclear Cell Transcriptomes in Patie...

In total 153 arrays were analyzed with 6 technical replicates (147 biological samples). CD34+ stem cells, CD4+ T-cells, resting CD14+ monocytes, stimulated monocytes and macrophages were analyzed, all from patient with severe coronary atherosclerosis or controls that had no coronary atherosclerosis as determined angiographically, and which were carefully matched for age and gender.


Colon biopsies from Crohns patients and healthy controls

Biopsies from one of four anatomic locations, from healthy controls and treated (with non-biologic standard of care) or untreated CD patients.


Combination of peripheral blood gene expression prof...

Peripheral blood samples were obtained at week 0 and week 4 of tocilizumab treatment and global gene expression profiling identified markers of responder status.


Comparison of human Rheumatoid arthritis patient per...

8 Rheurmatoid arthritis patients have been compared just before and after Leukocytapheresis treatment (overall 16 samples). The Pre-LCAP samples were labeled using Cy5, and the Post-LCAP labeled with Cy3.