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Human rhinovirus infection causes different DNA meth...

Background: Mechanisms underlying the development of virus-induced asthma exacerbations remain unclear. Objective: To investigate if epigenetic mechanisms could be involved in virus-induced asthma exacerbations, we undertook DNA methylation profiling in asthmatic and healthy nasal epithelial cells (NECs) during Human Rhinovirus (HRV) infection in vitro. Methods: Global and loci-specific methylation profiles were determined via Alu element and Infinium Human Methylation 450K microarray respect...

Keywords: NCBI GEO methylation profiling by genome tiling array


Whole genome transcription and DNA methylation analy...

Our study has demonstrated that significant number of differential genes in SLE was involved in IFN, TLR signaling pathways and inflammatory cytokines. The enrichment of differential genes has been associated with aberrant DNA methylation, which may be relevant to the pathogenesis of SLE. Our observations laid the groundwork for further diagnostic and mechanistic studies of SLE and LN.

Keywords: NCBI GEO methylation profiling by genome tiling array