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Characteristic DNA methylation profiles in periphera...

Epigenetic changes including DNA methylation caused by environmental exposures may contribute to the heterogeneous inflammatory response in asthma. Here we investigate alterations in DNA methylation of purified blood monocytes that are associated with inflammatory phenotypes of asthma.

Keywords: NCBI GEO methylation profiling by array


Childhood Atopic Asthma

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Keywords: NCBI GEO expression profiling by array methylation profiling by array


DNA methylation in systemic lupus erythematosus patients

To screen specific DNA methylation markers in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patient's blood DNA, whole-blood DNAs from 6 female SLE patients and 6 female controls were analyzed by methylation microarray.

Keywords: NCBI GEO methylation profiling by array


Global DNA methylation profiling of CD4+ T cells fro...

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic-relapsing autoimmune disease of incompletely understood etiology. Recent evidence strongly supports an epigenetic contribution to the pathogenesis of lupus. To understand the extent and nature of dysregulated DNA methylation in lupus T cells, we performed a genome-wide DNA methylation study in CD4+ T cells from 12 lupus patients and 12 normal healthy controls. Cytosine methylation was quantified in 27,578 CG pairs located within the promoter reg...

Keywords: NCBI GEO methylation profiling by array


Short-term exposure to diesel exhaust is associated ...

DNA methylation in asthmatics after short-term exposure to diesel exhaust

Keywords: NCBI GEO methylation profiling by array


The Nasal Methylome and Childhood Atopic Asthma

Background: Nasal epithelia are emerging as a proxy measure of gene expression of the airway epithelium in asthma. We hypothesized that epigenetic marks regulate gene expression of the nasal epithelia and consequently may provide a novel target for allergic asthma. Methods: We compared genomic DNA methylation patterns and gene expression in African American children with persistent atopic asthma [N=36] versus healthy controls [N=36]. Results were validated in an independent populatio...

Keywords: NCBI GEO methylation profiling by array