A observational study of people with mild, moderate and severe asthma including both smokers and non-smokers and a control group of healthy volunteers. An extensive range of clinical parameters and omics from blood, urine, sputum and bronchial brushings and biopsy and nasal brushings.

Primary Purpose
Phenotype severe asthma
Description of Cohorts
Cohort A adult: Severe asthma non-smoking (under 5 pack years). Cohort B Adult: Severe asthma smoking (5+ pack years). Cohort C Adult: Mild-moderate asthma. Cohort D adult: Healthy volunteers. Cohort A Paediatric: Severe school aged asthma. Cohort B Paediatric: Mild-moderate school aged asthma. Cohort C Paediatric: Severe pre-school aged asthma/wheeze. Cohort D Paediatric: Mild-moderate pre-school aged asthma/wheeze. Adult: Cohort A: 367, Cohort B: 121, Cohort C: 130, Cohort D: 112, Paediatric Cohort A: 102, Cohort B: 58, Cohort C: 83, Cohort D: 56.
Informed Consent Given?
Multi-center Study?
Number of subjects
Sample Sources
tissue sample
Type of Samples Collected
Age Range of Study Participants
1-79 year
BMI Range of Study Participants