Identification of tissue-specific and common methylation quantitative trait loci in healthy individuals using MAGAR

Understanding the influence of genetic variants on DNA methylation is fundamental for the interpretation of epigenomic data in the context of disease. The dataset developed in this project provides matched genotyping and DNA methylation data in four tissues (ileum, rectum, T-cells, B-cells) from healthy individuals. Using this data, we demonstrate the discrimination of common from cell-type-specific methQTLs. Our analysis demonstrates that a systematic analysis of methQTLs provides important new insights on the influences of genetic variants to cell-type-specific epigenomic variation.

Primary Purpose
Identification of methylation quantitative trait loci
Description of Cohorts
Healthy Individuals
Informed Consent Given?
Multi-center Study?
Homo sapiens
Number of subjects
Sample Sources
tissue sample
Type of Samples Collected
blood ileum rectum CD4+ T-cells CD19+ B-cells CD14+ monocytes transverse colon
Age Range of Study Participants
17-86 year
BMI Range of Study Participants